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These drawings are either recently added to the gallery or represent a particular theme. I've added additional commentary to each.

Today's theme is Paris Added 2017-07-29

paris: blue bayou

featured image: paris: blue bayou
Careful research (Google) had turned up a number of pool halls in Paris, including some in glorious high-ceiling rooms with ornate chandeliers. However, the only ones I could actually find were a bit less impressive. Drawing in the busy atrium of the Louvre helped assuage my disappointment.

paris: venus de milo

featured image: paris: venus de milo
Traveling alone in a country where I speak only enough of the language to get by results in conversations within my drawings. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but reading it later - years later, in this case - brings back a bit of the loneliness as well as the memories of the moments.

paris: louvre

featured image: paris: louvre
My earlier journals were more densely packed with images and words than today, probably because I could spend all day drawing. Nowadays, I draw in spurts.

paris: notre dame

featured image: paris: notre dame
I suspect it was while drawing these that I remembered why I hadn't drawn them before. That's a LOT of detail to capture with line, even if your cheeks aren't slowly going numb.